That's Errday

For Valentine's Day 2015, this generous guy got me a kickass Nikon camera, with all the fixin's. I'm a turd and don't use it.

I mean I want to...I just don't carry around a camera every day like I used to do.  And...well...there's a lot of excuses, I'm sure.  None are good.

The other day, I decided to do one of those picture a day challenges where you have a word to inspire you each day.  I was hoping this would motivate me.  There are a couple of groups already out there, like those run by Capture Your 365 or the list by Fat Mum Slim.  I thought maybe I'd be more accountable and make it into a fun thing for the two of us (gross) if I made Dub give me a word each day.

The photo above is the first in the series, #Bee365.  I don't know if I'll always caption the photos but I did with this one:

heartauntbeehas decided to do one of those photo a day things to motivate her to use her expensive and rarely used Nikon. The idea is there's a word every day to provide inspiration for a daily photo. Instead of joining a group, she asked Dub to provide a word each day. Today's word is butthole. #Bee365 #Dubbledore

You can see, it's going well for us!

You can follow the series by following me on Instagram.  The photos will also post on my tumblr, of which the most recent posts can be seen on the left, here.  Wish me luck!