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I'm going crazy! I'm insane! Ack!

I'd like to apologize for my gumpy the last few days. Grumpy, scowling, glaring, snapping. Sorry!

I'm not drinking Dr. Pepper. I'm sure I'll have one now and then, but I'm attempting to quit drinking it nonstop.

And I'm miserable! The last few days, I've been headachy and tense and feel like puking all day!

That Dr. Pepper has some kind of crazy addictive special ingredient! It even called out to me and made me accidentally buy a can yesterday!

When I was on my way to lunch, Jennifer asked me to buy her a pop. "Coke or Sprite, whichever is there."

So I take her money and put it into the machine and press the Dr. Pepper button!!!

And of course Jennifer doesn't like Dr. Pepper.

I think she and Dr. Pepper are in on some sort of plot to get me to give in!

I didn't drink it, though! I fought the Dark Side and gave it away!

Man, withdrawal sucks.

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Anonymous said...

Buh whatthe abu ze
Why the freaky fudge are you not drinking Dr. Pepper

Thats it, im coming to your house and im gonna force feed you Dr. pepper