And Although It's Been Said Before


You might remember that on a bitter cold night, I was at the Caucus.

I didn't talk about it a lot back then, but while there, I stood and was counted in the Clinton group.

I didn't talk about it much because, just as I assume you're doing now, I figured you all would scoff and harass me. But I stand by my decision.

I still feel Hillary would make the better candidate. No, I haven't agreed with everything she's done or said. But that applies to 100% of the world's population. But I feel like she's strong. She's funny. She's incredibly smart. She's been in the White House and knows what kind of BS happens on a daily basis.

Of course, there's the question that counters the experience: "Would you let the brain surgeon's wife operate on you?"

I tend to agree with Bartcop:

Well, if my choices were the brain surgeon's wife, who watched every minute of brain surgeries for eight years OR a smooth-talking guy who'd never been in the operating room before, I'd go with the surgeon's wife - wouldn't you?
After the mess we're in, I feel like she was the only candidate that could jump in and hit the ground running.

Not that I think Obama is a bad guy. Four years ago when he spoke at the DNC, I thought he was amazing. I thought he would be a great candidate for Vice President in 2008. But President?

I was also weirded out by the mass rush of people to jump on the Obama train. Like it was the cool thing to do.

Maybe I'm wrong. Perhaps he'll be the greatest president of all-time. I'll be voting for him, of course.

But tonight, I listened to Hillary and felt inspired and thought about what could have been. It seems I wasn't the only one:

HRC quoting Harriett Tubman marks the first time Hillary Clinton has given me chills. Where was this woman a year ago? I miss her.

"We don't have a vote to spare or a moment to lose."

"Don't ever stop. Keep going."

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