You will always be my Boo!

I'm not really a cat lady. I always used to think I was a dog person. But cats are just so easy to take care of, since they do most of the work themselves.
All the cats I've lived with have been great and had unique personalities. Cijay is by far the floppiest. Cijay rocks because if I feel like sleeping all day, he'll be right there with me. AND he lets me hog the bed. AND he lets me sing to him. he especially likes "My Boo"
He can't stand to be in a different room than I'm in and hates it when I'm on the phone, because that means I'm not paying any attention to him. So Cijay will get into everything he's not supposed to juat so I'll talk to him and not that noisy silver thing I'm holding to my ear. Luckily, he more than makes up for his annoying habits by letting me fall asleep with my head on his fuzzy belly every night. Fuzzy bellies are the best kind of pillows.

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