This is my Cassie May fanning herself because she is just ssssaaahizzlin' hot!

Cassie is one of those crazy Maineonians. She can sing, she can dance, she can FIGURE ice skate and she laughs at my stupid jokes. And I at hers.
Her humor always catches me off-guard. There will be absolutely nothing funny going on and I'll be in no laughing mood and she will bust out with something completely random and I'll fall down laughing.
There's this game we used to play when we were kids. If someone "passed gas," you had to put your thumb up to your forehead. If you were the last person with a thumb on your forehead, well mister ain't you sad because you have to EAT it! What's worse, everyone gets to point and scream at you "HAHA!!! YOU ATE IT!!!" Yeah I know, TOTALLY awesome!
A couple of years ago, I deemed it necessary to revive this terribly complicated game. My friends and I had a night full of uncontrollable laughter playing even if no one had actually flatulated. Oh when oh when will I EVER grow up?:)
One night, I took Cassie to my favorite restaurant (you know the one--my obsession--SUMO!!!) with my friends Raw and Casey. For no reason, (I promise! I would never cut the cheese at the dinner table!) I decided to play the game and threw my thumb up to my forehead. Cassie, being from Maine and completely clueless about this Kansan pasttime, lost and feasted upon some tasty (but non-existent, really I promise!) gas. Cassie knew she was missing out on something supremely fun and was obviously curious, so I laid out the rules for her. I could tell she was amazed by the amount of genius that had been used to create the game.
Later in the evening, I knew it was time to test Cassie's reflexes. Again, I threw my thumb up to my forehead. Raw, being an expert at the game and not a fan of "eating it," was first to get her thumb in place. Cassie was still a little lightheaded from the last dose of gas, but like a champ, she hurriedly slammed her thumb to her head. Alas, poor Casey was just too full from all the buttery fried rice and couldn't quite beat the newbie. Raw and I immediately busted out with the finger pointing and shouting "HAHA!!! CASEY ATE IT!!!" Then Cassie came up with one of the funniest things I have ever heard:


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