For Shizzle Dizzle, I'm on a Track with the Big Snoop Dizzle

Joke courtesy of Casey, pictured here on my toilet.

Q: Why does Snoop need an umbrella?

I have pictures of people in my bathroom. It's not like my walls are covered, but there's a few pictures in there. I know some people think that's weird, but when have I ever been normal? My Grandmere Peg has a bulletin board in her bathroom with some pictures of my cousins and me tacked to it. I guess maybe that's where I got the idea?

A couple of weeks after I put these pictures up, Raw and Casey came to visit. Casey can get a little jealous if he feels he's not being recognized (Look Casey, I finally wrote a post about you!) and was of course hurt by the fact I didn't have a picture of him in my bathroom. I apologized and assured him I'd to work on finding a special place for him right away.

I came up with an idea (maybe not right away but certainly within a few weeks) that was exquisitely genius! I would put a picture of Casey where I would never even think to put a picture of someone else--the toilet! Pretty gross and weird, I know, but again--never normal. I didn't tell Casey about my plan. When they came to visit again, Casey was equally surprised and pleased. Finally, his picture had a place of honor in my bathroom.

A: For drizzle!

Tonight I called Casey (before nine o'clock! That's paid minutes, kids!) because I saw that Peter Jennings was doing some story about UFOs. We have this theory that I'm an alien abductee (never normal), which is a story for another day. I thought Raw and Casey should be watching it, too. The phone rang twice before Casey answered, not with "Hello" but with "Yes we're watching it, too!"

That's one of the great things about Casey. He really embraces my absurdities.

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