Sweet Comic Valentine

Sweet Comic Valentine
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It's Valentine's Day and here is a big smoocharoo for you!
I've never been a big fan of Valentine's Day. I'm about the least romantic girl you'll ever meet. I like sending out cards, though. I didn't get around to it this year--sorry folks! I'm lazy!
One year, in high school, I opened up my locker in the morning and out popped like 20 balloons. My locker was filled with stuffed thises and thats and candy. Instead of oohing and aahing, I just slammed my locker shut and stood there like "oh crap." That's just how un-romantic I am. He DID buy me the Nirvana Unplugged CD. That was hot.

Valentine's was always huge in high school. If you didn't send flowers to your girlfriend, you were in big trouble! At the end of the day, there was like a 20 minute reading of people who needed to pick up things at the office. I was all surprised one year when they read my name, since I was boyfriendless. Turned out, one of my best friends had sent me daisies. That was uber cute!
The best Valentine's card I've received came from dear friends of mine. I won't name names to keep them from injury by those who are jealous because they want to be the ones to send me the perfect Valentine. But you know who you are! We live in different cities and don't see each other nearly enough so the card, even in it's Valentine Cheesiness, was perfect:

The laughs we share keep us close . . .
It's like the smiles between us are greater than the miles between us.

Doesn't it just getcha right there?
To all those I love, I'm sorry I'm so lazy and didn't send you cards, but do know that I heart you greatly; so much that I'll paraphrase a Frank Sinatra song for you:

My funny valentines
Sweet comic valentines
You make me smile with my heart

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