You Tried to Teach Me Right from Wrong

Jackson lives in Japan and wears ties, nowdays.

You're 26, now Jackson! I hope you had a happy birthday and enjoyed your karaoke!

Today was quite a day at the old workplace. Christine had someone crying before 9:30!

Sometime before noon, Lisa came back and picked up the phone. I found this unusual since she has a phone at her desk. My spidey sense was peaked and I heard her conversation go something like this:

"Hi Mrs. Missus. Did you write a check to Ms. Miz? No? You've never heard of Ms. Miz? Okay. Yes we will handle it."

Lisa then called the police to inform them that Ms. Miz was here trying to do business with a check that was definitely not hers. Lisa gave a full description of the culprit and said she was waiting at her desk. "I really need to get back to her. I don't want her to leave," Lisa kept saying. Yet the 911 operator continued to keep her on the line. I don't know if she thought Lisa was in danger or if she aspires to be one of the OnStar operators, but she held Lisa for much longer than I thought she should have.

Finally a couple of cops showed up. I was trying to work and watch at the same time. They walked right over to her and had her stand. She didn't look surprised to see them and let them "cuff" her with no struggle. I hear rumors that there were people waiting for her outside and the police chased one or two of them down.

It was funny that there were only about three people working there who knew why the cops were there. So everyone else is watching two cops come in and arrest someone while trying to pretend they don't notice to keep the customers halfway unaware. Even Tammy, our manager, was completely oblivious.

Funnier was everyone's reactions once they understood. Cassie was bouncing around excited while Chris was ready to run after el banditos with the cops. Dena, always the "old pro" acted as if it happens every day.

Funniest was the song playing while all this was happening. "Seasons in the Sun" by Terry Jacks.

Goodbye, Papa, please pray for me,
I was the black sheep of the family.
You tried to teach me right from wrong.
Too much wine and too much song,
wonder how I get along.
We had joy, we had fun, we had seasons in the sun.
But the stars we could reach
were just starfish on the beach

I swear the soundtrack to my life amazes me.

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Anonymous said...

This was one of the better days at work!! I love it when crazy things happen like this little incident! Its what makes work worth while!! Stupid girl, not only did she write herself a fraudulent check but tried to open an account with it like we wouldn't know!! PLEASE can you say ReTarD!!! I can.....RETARD