Insane in the Membrane

Mondays are always rather hairy at work. We're always busy and everyone's grumpy because the weekend is over.

Today was one of the craziest Mondays ever.

There's this old guy who will bring his mother through the drive-thru. He swings his door open, banging it into the building and shoves his stuff into the bucket. If he wants to get a person's attention, he doesn't use the "call button." Oh no, it's much easier for him to slam his hand on his truck a few times.

I should really call someone about they way he abuses his truck!

Today, he came rushing up to the window and starts screaming at me. "My deposit is stuck in there and you'd better send someone out to get it RIGHT NOW!!!"

He was so angry and shaking that I barely uttered an "Okay." I was shocked by his scary behavior.

He returned to his truck and I called out to find out exactly where his deposit was. Scary McGee didn't even let me finish before he just started yelling at me. I'm not even sure what he was saying.

Nadia showed up at this point and said "You need to stop yelling and calm down!"

He turned his anger and loud noises to Nadia and screamed "I don't have to do anything, bitch!"

That's precisely when I got angry. "Excuse me?"

It was just like talking to a three year-old in the midst of a giant tantrum. There was no reasoning with him. "Sir, there's nothing anyone can do out here. I have to fix it from--"

"Send someone out here right now!" he shrieked as he banged on his truck. "Right now, you bitch!!!"

We exercised our right to refuse service once I got his transaction and sent it back out to him. There was no helping a person who wouldn't answer our questions. Well, he wouldn't answer them with anything other than calling us names.

Crazy pulled the tube out, removed his check and Nadia says "He's going to throw that at us."

Instead, he threw it on the ground and stormed inside, leaving his truck where it was.

From then on, he was Christine's peach to deal with. He ranted nonsense at her at a slightly lower pitch than he screamed at us.

He told her he was going to leave his truck where it was while he went grocery shopping. He said that if that tube was under his truck, he was going to run over it!

Chris, as a mother, was much better at speaking to him as though he was a three year-old in the midst of a terrible temper tantrum. She told him that no, he wouldn't be doing such things and that he would, in fact, put the tube back where it goes.

I still don't understand why he got so terribly angry. I've had angry customers, but they always had some halfway valid reason for it. This guy totally wigged out before anything bad happened.

What really made me angry about the whole situation was the way he upset my other customers. One woman, after witnessing the event, was too scared to stick around. She was just sure he had a gun in his truck and would be angry enough to whip it out.

The whole thing wore me out; and it's only Monday!

It's a good thing I missed the lady falling down in the drive. I don't think I could handle two crazies in a day!

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