I Don't Need to Walk Around in Circles

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I think the whole "Back to School" thing has been terribly rough on the kiddos this year.

The other day I was at WalMart. I know. This is breaking headline news. I only went there because I wanted to run in and run out and I knew that would never happen at Target.

I should have known it would never happen at WalMart, either.

There's no running in and out! There's too many screaming kids and rude people to dash in and out!

Anyway, I was in WalMart and saw several kids who were so worn out from school, they couldn't function!

One kid started walking alongside me and even put something in my cart. I stopped the cart and he still stood there for a minute before he decided to look up to see why his mommy had stopped. When he realized I wasn't his mother, his eyes grew wide and he ran away from me as if I'd been trying to kidnap him or something.

As if, dude! As if!!!

Then, I ended up over by the dressing rooms. There's always several carts sitting there, full of junk while the prospective buyers try on muumuus.

On this particular day, there was only one junk-filled cart, which left plenty of room for two or three carts to pass. Or not.

I watched this little girl push her muumuu-wearing mother's cart around a corner. Slowly. And slowly, she careened toward the lonely junk-filled cart.

How the hell she managed it, I'll never know. Maybe she had her eyes closed? Or maybe it was the school wear-down.

I passed another family. The muumuu-wearing mother pushed her junk-filled cart, while three boys followed. The last kid was looking down at his feet as they walked through the obstruction-free aisle.

Again, how this happened, I'll never figure out. The kid suddenly veered off course and slammed his face right into a rack of clothes.

At least I waited until he was behind me to burst out laughing!

It's not just the young ones who are affected by the burnout!

The other day, Jacque was at work when someone came in to tell her that her car had been hit in the parking lot.

Apparently, a kid with his learner's permit was giving his mother curbside service. Since he only has a permit, he had to wait there at the curb for her.

Kiddo decided he could have pulled closer to the curb. Inexperienced as he was, he seemingly missed the fact that Jacque's car was right there and smashed into it.

When everyone ran outside to catch the car crunching kiddo, they saw he hadn't stopped.

The kid was driving very slowly in circles around the parking lot. He was afraid to try parking again.

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