I Was no Longer Amused by my Dream

Becky Like Nun
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I rarely watch television1, but lately I've seen several commercials for both satellite and cable services.

Is it just me or do these things feel like political ads?

Like political ads, there's lots of mudslinging2. And let's not forget the fact that both sides are spewing the same stuff.

"With cable/satellite, you don't get very many channels!"

"Your cable/satellite always goes out, doesn't it?"

"Cable/satellite hates your guts!"

Like political ads, these commercials are quite conflicting, confusing and bound to numb your mind.

However, unlike the way political ads discourage people from voting, I don't think these commercials will keep people from watching television.

1Yes. This would be a total lie.

2Is this really a word? Look at it! Can it really be spelled that way?

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