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My Wet Hump
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Today was quite a day.

It was the first day using our new computers and system. We were all pretty nervous about it because, not only is it different from the way we used to do things, we also weren't allowed to practice for two weeks.

So with the way my brain has been retaining information lately, this was like jumping in with no experience.

When I arrived at work today, the place way super quiet. Everyone already had that air of "Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God!!!"

We have two "experts" hanging out with us, to help answer questions while we get used to the new system. It took about five minutes before Nadia had informed them that one would have to stand next to her all day.

But really, things went pretty well. I think everyone actually balanced and maybe even did things correctly.

The most exciting part of the day is when Nadia decided she needed a cheeseburger. Not that it's unusual. Nadia always thinks she needs a cheeseburger.

So Merlin took everyone's order and then sent me to get the grub.

I made my way to Wendy's and everything was going superb; I had remembered to get everything just right and the food was done quickly.

I gathered and packed the much needed nourishment into The Croc and headed back to work.

Narrowly, I missed getting sideswiped by some crazy lady on the way back and then almost got t-boned in the parking lot. With a great sigh of relief, I parked The Croc and prepared to haul the slop inside.

I grabbed my bag and swung it onto my shoulder. Somehow, in the swinging process, my bag caught the iced tea and tipped it. Of course the lid was a piece of crap and flew off, letting the freezing cold liquid and ice splash all over the seat. And of course onto my ass.

Oh boy was I happy!

I closed the door and went to the drive-thru. I waited patiently in line, and when it was my turn, I hopped out of The Croc and shoved my ass at the window. "What do you think of this???"

Allie's initial response was "Oh my God! Did she pee her pants???"

I shoved the food into the tray and headed home to change. I took a couple of pictures so you could imagine just how cold my ass was, being this drenched.

All I can think of when looking at this picture is how incredibly dirty that mirror is!

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