'Cause He Mixes it with Love

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A woman came into the bank today with her daughter. She seemed like an energetic, yet well-behaved girl and sat where her mother told her.

I was talking to the mother when, from clear across the bank, the little girl hollered "MOM!"




"I love you, too. Now, shhh, please!"

"She just wanted you to know in case you forgot in the two mintues you've been apart," I chuckled.

Soon thereafter, the little girl came running toward us. I gave her a sucker.

"Mom!" she breathed.

"Yes, you can have it, now."

"But I already had one!" Spoiled and dental cautious!

"Yes, you did, but that was at school. You can have this one, too."

"Is it a medicine one?"

A what? A medicine lollipop? Whatchoo talkin' bout, Willis?

"Yeah, they make suckers with medicine in them. It gets to the point where kids are begging for their medicine because it tastes good."

Boy, was I ever born in the wrong generation! These kids have Cadillac Escalade Power Wheels, no crust sandwiches, and medicine that tastes good.

Does this stuff work? I just have a hard time believing that if it doesn't make you gag, then it can't work right.

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