H A Double L O W Double E N

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Halloween is coming and that means I need a new costume.

I've always been pretty lazy about my costumes. When I was a kid, I was a hobo like eight-thousand times. At least!

As an "adult" I've gone the lazy way by buying a cape and saying I was a vampire. Last year, I was a bank robber.

The year before that, I had to throw together a last-minute costume. I grabbed my "Happy New Year!" hat and headed out with Raw and Casey.

Everyone wrinkled their faces at me. They raised their eyebrows then finally some of them approached me.

"What are you supposed to be?" they asked.

"I'm confused!"

Yeah. They didn't get it, either.

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Anonymous said...

Hey YOU! It's just me, Tash! Wanted to let you know that your costume better be GREAT, because I will be crashing Cassie's party around 10ish Saturday. We have to stop by one party before hers... but we will be there. Fashionably late. Make sure everyone isn't in a drunken stuper before we get there. SEE YA SATURDAY!!!!