If You're Bored, then You're Boring

Prairie State Park
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So I've been watching re-runs of "Sex and the City."

Don't chicks in New York watch television? Or do they all sit twisted like a pretzel in their underwear on their bed typing away on their laptops? Or stare out the window, in underwear and full makeup, at the building across the street?

Don't they ever eat lunch by themselves in the breakroom watching "Judge Joe Brown" or reading a book? Or are they always lunching with their pals at the coffee shop or meeting for a martini lunch?

Do the women of New York really run down to buy a pack of cigarettes all glammed up? Is there really that many invite-only events for one girl to attend every night? Is everyone always with someone?

I've got to get me a job writing a column for a New York newspaper! Just think of all the things I'd be doing and all the people I'd be hanging out with!

On second thought, I really like just hibernating like a hermit up in the penthouse. So just disregard that fleeting wish!

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