Taking a Tumble You Know a Tumble

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This year, we had Thanksgiving at David and Deb's compound. It was the usual display of gluttony, two fried turkeys and one roasted. But this year, we had four-wheelers!

Marcus and I were the last to arrive. We pulled up to the house and who was the first person we saw? Mitch. On a four-wheeler! It's needless to say we were quite scared.

Then, it was BJ's turn. He shuttled everything between the house and the shed.

"Do I look cool?" He would ask.


"Yes I do!" And then he would peel out, leaving us in his dust.

We were all laughing hysterically, watching BJ speed down the road in his black leather jacket and bright white shoes.

It wasn't the first time we had laughed this hard at Thanksgiving. In fact, the last time we celebrated at Deb and Dave's, I laughed so hard, I didn't think I'd ever breathe again.

Most of my family always ends up in the basement. There's more room to spread out and a person gets sick looking at all the food leftover when you're still so full.

The stairs leading to the basement are pretty steep, so you've got to make sure to maneuver them before the Tryptophan kicks in.

Jill and I were sitting at the "kid's table" and everyone else was sprawled out, watching the television.

We heard someone coming down the stairs, so Jill and I looked up. And it's a good thing we did. Otherwise, we would have missed the entertainment!

The person coming down the stairs was Doll. And somehow, she kind of missed the last step.

She just slowly. Fell. Down. To. Her. Knees. And. Hands.

Everyone was still for a moment. A very brief moment. And then, did we rush to her rescue? Did we hurry to make sure she was okay? Did we get off our butts to go pat her on the back?

No way! We busted out laughing. As poor Doll pulled herself up, we all held our aching stomachs and laughed for what seemed like hours.

Yes, I know, we are horrible, nasty people.

Click here for Thanksgiving pictures.

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