Watch Me Fly, Your Fallen Angel

Stars in B&W
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Awhile back, I saw a commercial for a television program.

I saw people in sparkly outfits prancing around. They were smiling and frowning and twirling and falling down.

I could've sworn it was some reality show about celebrities ice skating.

It turns out it was just "Dancing with the Stars."

Not nearly as cool or tragic and a real buzzkill for me.

A few weeks ago, I saw a commercial.

I saw people in sparkly outfits, smiling and falling. I saw people with gashes on their faces.

Could it be?

It totally can! Fox has developed and is planning to air "Skating with Celebrities" this winter.

Not very original, I know, but much more likely to involve pain and laughter.

And my pre-pre-teen idol, Debbie Gibson is one of the "celebrities."

"Only in my Dreams" indeed!

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