Y'all Don't Want Me Here You Just Wanna Dance

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BJ loves his music. And by "music" I mean "one song until everyone's ears bleed."

When I moved to Wichita, the song of choice was "Save Tonight" by Eagle Eye Cherry. Everytime we were in his truck, we listened to that song. Over and over.

I had just missed the "Ray of Light" by Madonna obsession.

"I play it and I turn up the volume so much that when that one part comes it sounds like thunder and shakes the house!"

The last song of choice was Outkast's "Hey Ya." He would sing and clap along, out of rhythm and without knowing any of the words.

I hitched a ride to Thanksgiving in Cuba, Kansas with BJ, Doll, Mitch and Bret. I swear we listened to "Hey Ya" at least thirty times during that trip. At least!!!

Now, he's moved on to "My Humps" by the Black Eyed Peas. With his new Sirius Satellite Radio, he can listen to his new favorite song all day. It's programmed to jump to whatever satellite station is playing the song.

Sunday, I was over at his house and we were discussing a funeral he had attended. He told me about the deceased's grandson singing and how lovely it was.

"Don't worry, Unckie!" I assured him. "I'll sing at your funeral!"

He looked a little doubtful. Like maybe I could never sing a song that would please him.

"I'll sing 'My hump! My hump my hump my hump! My lovely lady . . ."

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