Yesterday was just Like any other Day

Jacque and Evan
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For awhile, Jacque was the only real friend I had in Wichita.

Sure, I had my family, but Jacque was pretty much the only non-relative friend I had here.

We worked and hung out together. We saw each other probably six days a week. I think I was with her more than her own husband!

Eventually, we both ended up not working for the Postal Service. I started at the bank, and started making some new pals.

I think Jacque got tired of hearing about my newfound friends. Now, because we weren't working together and her schedule is always all over the place, I was spending more time with them than her.

One day, she pops out with "If you had car trouble and your family wasn't in town, who would you call for help?"

"Of course I'd call you!"

Normally, that would make people grumpy and annoyed. But not Jacque. To Jacque, that meant that I still loved her.

Don't worry, Momma Fed! You'll always be top of that list!

Happy birthday, Jacque!

It's been a big year for you. I hope this year, you don't spend a fourth of it queasy and rushing to the bathroom!

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