Heaven Go Loop-Dee-Loop

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Long, long ago, when Raw and I were roommates, we were watching something on television.

My brain only remembers the important things, so I couldn't tell you what we were watching, but I can tell you the conversation.

Me: "Man! Wouldn't that be freakin' scary to have a baby and then you look and it's some sort of demon?"

Raw: "Oh my God! That would be horrible! And what if it was already talking and stuff?"

We laughed for awhile and then . . .

Me: "What if you went into labor and out plopped an old man?"

I have no idea where that came from, but I can assure you we were both freaked out by the idea.

When Raw and Casey informed me they were going to be parents, my mind immediately flashed to that conversation. All I could do was hope such tragedy wouldn't befall them.

Raw sent me scans of the first sonogram and not only did I realize they really weren't joking, I also thought horrible thoughts.

Raw called me to see if I got the scan. Instead of just answering yes or no, I told her "Your baby has a tail!!!"

I don't care how many times everyone tries to tell me that's a foot and a leg. Until I see a tail-less baby, I'm sticking with my original observation!

I was chatting with Raw the other day, and we were talking about birthdays. The baby is due a month before her birthday, so the maternity leave will include it.

"At least I hope I won't be working. That baby had better be out of there by then!"

"Nah. It'll decide it wants to stay. And no matter how hard they try to pull it out, it will hang on."

"I'll have to do its homework because only I'll be able to hear it."

"Yeah, until it gets older and its voice is louder. Of course, it'll probably be muffled . . ."

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