I Guess I Should Have Heard Them from You

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A couple of weekends ago, Michael came to visit.

I was not the hostess with the mostest. My back was messed up and everytime I moved, I emitted involuntary groans.

So I'm sure he totally enjoyed himself.

Even if he didn't, I certainly did. Michael makes me laugh like nobody else and every fifteen minutes I was saying "I'm going to write about this!"

But then I realized that, not only was everything I wanted to write about horribly difficult to explain, it probably wasn't funny to anyone else.

We did manage to get out of the penthouse now and then. We went to see Brokeback Mountain.

There were a ton of people there! We showed up forty-five minutes early and the theatre was already more crowded than usual.

We managed to get good seats, but the show sold out and the theatre was packed. There were young people, old people, cowboys, frat boys, giggly chicks and even a few relatively young kids.

I couldn't help but wonder and even asked Michael "Do these people know what this movie is about?"

We did a lot of driving around. And you can't drive on the main roads in Wichita without driving by a QuikTrip, Spangles, Dillon's or McDonald's.

When we drove by one McDonald's, the sign read "The McRib is back!"

"Michael!" I exclaimed. "I can't believe it! The McRib is back! All my wildest dreams have come true!"

Not only do I detest the McRib, but Michael is a vegetarian, so neither of us was really excited. See how funny we are?

"Oh yay!" cheered Michael. "Dry cleaners everywhere are excited!"

I thought this was such a clever comment! I laughed and praised Michael's wit. "I'm going to write about this!" I told him.

Finally, something I could write about and people would understand!

A couple of days later, I sat at my computer and started to write about Michael's brilliant comment.

I had the television on and I happened to look as some commercial where many people were bringing clothes to a dry cleaners.

"Wow! What a coincidence!"

Then, the dry cleaning couple went to . . . McDonald's. And everyone was eating . . . McRibs.

Yeah. Some coincidence, huh?

Remind me to tell Michael about the time I walked into the office to find three of my co-workers dancing to "Push It."

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Anonymous said...

I wish I knew how to quit you, McRib.

Seriously, how can you ridicule Gods gift to mankind, the McRib? I don't go nuts with the things, but I do usually try to work one in when it makes its triumphant return each year.