My Wife has Burned the Scrambled Eggs

Eggs in B&W
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Speaking of McDonald's . . .

Last Wednesday, my lunch was scheduled at ten. Really early, I know.

But when lunch is scheduled at ten, that means I have time to go get breakfast! And you know how that's my favorite meal!

So I made it to McDonald's and placed my order at thirteen past ten. I know this because I looked at my receipt.

It was getting close to the end of breakfast-serving time, but they still had more than fifteen minutes to go. So when I ordered the meal with the scrambled eggs and pancakes, I figured I would have no problems.

Oh, silly me!

I had to wait for an unusually long time. Which didn't really bother me. I figured that meant I was getting a really fresh batch of food.

Oh, silly me!

My mistake was not checking my bag before I left. Always, always check your bag before you leave!

Instead, I took my meal back to work. When I opened the carton, I had my biggest breakfast surprise ever.

My freshly scrambled eggs were not fresh at all. In fact, they were not just scrambled, they were shredded!

Apparently, no one felt like cooking up some fresh eggs for me. Instead, they had pulled the egg off an Egg, Cheese and something Biscuit and tore it apart in their hands.

It was truly the weirdest breakfast I've ever had.

I dunno. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe shredded eggs are the new thing.

Can't be much worse than the McRib!

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