Rockin' My Peers and Puttin' Suckas in Fear

Showtime Boxing
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Saturday night was a big night in Wichita. We had a major boxing event.

I guess. One of our customers gave us tickets a couple of months ago. We didn't realize it was a big deal until we saw the line we had to wait in to get inside.

Once there, Mr. Announcer Guy informed us that "Wichita! You have SOLD this event OUT!"

He then continued to tell us over and over and over again. Oh and don't forget the bathrooms are over there. And the concession stand is over there. And this seating is open and please could you crowd in?

Oh and the event is sold out!

I'd never been to a boxing match. I haven't even really watched much, so I wasn't really sure what to expect. But I wasn't expecting so many guys to just give up!

In one match, one dude's pants kept falling down. So he just walked out of the ring. And didn't come back.

Nobody knew quite what to do and Matt Hicks was not happy.

The main event had some little guy who reminded me of Mike Tyson up against "Smooth" Justin Blevins.

The poster has Blevins listed as undefeated with ten knockouts. I was expecting a good fight.

Blevins entered the ring and the (sold-out) crowd gave their hometown boy a standing ovation.

Being a foot taller than his opponent, I figured Blevins would destroy the poor guy. But that little guy had Blevins on the ropes quite often.

This was one of the like two matches that went the full rounds. Everyone was disappointed by the slow pace and by Blevins's performance.

Then, they announced that Blevins had won and was still undefeated.

I've never seen a crowd turn on one of their own so quickly. "That's BS! No way Blevins won!"

Even walking out, all I heard was "I can't believe I paid for this! He only won because his family was sponsoring the fight!"

I guess it's easy to stay undefeated that way.

You can see my pictures here, but they're not good at all. Some guy named Beaver was sitting in front of me and ruining them.

Oh and did I tell you the event was sold out?

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