And so Please, Help Them with Your Youth

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A month or so ago, I found Lost Camera.

The author had recently taken a trip to Hawaii. While there, she took many pictures, as most travelers do.

Unfortunately, while there, she lost her camera and all the photos she had taken.

To make a lasting record of her trip, she started a blog. Since she had no pictures of her own to post, she used pictures taken by other people she found on Flickr.

After just a few days of blogging, the author suddenly stopped. It turns out someone found her camera.

"Well," she said, "we have a bit of a situation. You see, my nine year old son found your camera, and we wanted to show him to do the right thing, so we called, but now he's been using it for a week and he really loves it and we can't bear to take it from him."

I listened, not sure where she was going with this.

"And he was recently diagnosed with diabetes, and he's now convinced he has bad luck, and finding the camera was good luck, and so we can't tell him that he has to give it up. Also we had to spend a lot of money to get a charger and a memory card."


It's more like they're teaching their kid at how to pretend they're making an effort to do the right thing.

Not only did they not leave the camera with the park ranger, which would've been the smart thing to do since obviously, someone's going to call looking for an expensive camera. Not only that but they bought a charger and memory cards for the thing!

And then they're going to complain about having to buy it? What about the author having bought an expensive camera? Can they imagine how much it cost?

"Oh, we know, we looked it up."
I guess they can't all be Good Samaritans.

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