I Wish that I could Chill With You Tonight

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Today was Cookie's ETA.

We're nearing the end, and it doesn't appear Cookie wants to come out today.

There are three major reasons it would have been cool for Cookie to be born today:

1. It's a new moon.
There is like some sort of symbolism there, don't you think? A new life on a new moon?

Even cooler . . .

2. It's Freaking Mardi Gras!!!
How cool would it be, as a kid, to think the whole world is celebrating your birthday by throwing around beads and toasting every minute?

3. The baby would finally be out
Look at Raw's belly! I don't think her skin has anymore elasticity left! She'll just start bursting at the seams!!

I recommended all the things I did Jacque, and she even had a new suggestion.

She heard that lobster worked. So she ate some and that night, here came Evan!

Instead, Raw and Casey had pancakes and walked a lot.

I talked to Raw tonight, and told her about Evan, yet again, not wanting me. He just screams for his mommy.

"It's because we make good homes," Raw explained. "I guess I should be taking that as a compliment."

We discussed other ways to coax Cookie out of his cozy home. Most of them, Raw had already tried.

"I guess I should just put candy down my pants."

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