It's the Final Countdown

Rallie Loves Starky Stark
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Today is Rallie Pink's twenty-first birthday.

How do I know this? Well, RP has been counting down the days for like three months. Seriously. She's worse than I am!

"Morning Rallie!"

"Hi! It's only 153 days until my birthday!!!"

Everyone at the bank knows about her birthday. And I'm not just talking about the people who work there.

She eats at Subway everyday. So the gals who work there brought in a giant balloon bouquet on Friday.

I had about five customers ask me on Friday if Rallie's birthday was this weekend. They also asked where the party was.

Unfortunately, Rallie has a big test on Monday, so can't party too hard. So her dad is buying about eight thousand of us pizza tonight.

But I'm sure Rallie will put her ID to good use, anyway.

Happy Birthday, BFF!

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