So Slowly for Those Who Wait

Starky Stark
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Man we were really busy at work today!

Somehow, though, I had time to notice the horrible condition of one of the microphones in the drive-through.

There was a big split in the foam covering. "It makes it look like a puppet!"

"Let's name it!" Allie squealed.

So with a little artistry from me, and our two creative minds working together, Allie and I created a masterpiece.

Meet Starky Stark!

For hours, all Allie and I could talk about was how Nighat would freak out when she saw Starky Stark. He is pretty badass.

We waited and waited for Nighat to arrive. The time passed soooo verrrryyy sllooowwwlllyy.

When she finally arrived, Nighat didn't notice our new friend. She went about her business, getting ready for the day.

Allie and I, however, could barely contain ourselves. Like little children, we covered our mouths behind Nighat's back so she wouldn't hear our laughter.

Finally Nighat took a look, grabbed Starky Stark and said "Oh that's so cute!"

That's it??? Allie and I were highly disappointed. Where was the freak outy behavior?

Maybe my plan to make a to-scale model of the human skeleton out of the bank's dog bones will get her!

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