I Bleed Complimentary Colors

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I've never been very good at taking compliments.

It's not your normal "Oh stop. You're too much!" reaction. There's no blushing or coy smile.

I usually just play it off with an "Of course I am!"

Last night, Mary told me that I looked pretty and I laughed.

"No, really! You have a glow tonight!"

"Maybe I'm pregnant, now, too! Can you help me out? Can I move in?"

That got quite a laugh, but it probably would've been better of me to just say "Thank you!"

What's great about Tom and Mary is I think that if I really did need it, they'd do anything they could to help. They are a great family and have gone above and beyond in helping others.

ps--I'm totally totally not pregnant. It was just a joke. I repeat: It was just a joke!

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