Finally See What it Means to be Living

Are You Kidding?
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Sunday, my dad and I were watching the Indianapolis 500.

On the second lap, one of the cars supn and took out aother car. Flames shot out of both cars as they smashed into the wall.

During the caution, after watching the sixteenth replay of the crash, one broadcaster said "They'll get back to the garage area and realize the national anthem lasted longer than they did."


Not much later, I was just thinking about nodding off, when my dad got excited.

"Hey! Did I tell you I get to drive NASCAR?"

In August, my dad gets to drive a Nextel Cup car on the Kansas Speedway.

"I think there's other cars on the track, too! We get to draft and pass and wear fire suits!"

He then thought about it for a few minutes.

"Wait . . . Why do we have to wear fire suits?"

Just in case you don't make it past the Banner, Dad.

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