My Name is Fix It

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The Living Room

NADIA, Young, pretty mother.
RAYMOND: Precocious three year-old boy

Curtain rises and we see NADIA cleaning. She is concentrating on rubbing all the dust off the coffee table.

RAYMOND enters stage right.

RAYMOND: Hey, Mom!

NADIA: Moves to clean the side table. Yes, Raymond?

RAYMOND: The curtain thing fell down in the bathroom.

NADIA: I saw that. I'm going to fix it here in a minute.

RAYMOND: Flops down on the couch. You can't fix it!

NADIA: Arranges pictures on side table. Of course I can.

RAYMOND: No you can't. You're a girl. You can't fix things.

NADIA: Excuse me?

RAYMOND: I'll tell you what you CAN fix . . . You can get in the kitchen and fix me some dinner!

NADIA: Jaw drops.

Curtain closes.

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