Take the Money and Run

Babysitting Evan
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Before I went home last week, I had to go to Wal-Mart to pick up a couple of gift cards for my grandmother.

I know! Can you believe my Mamo made me go to freakin' WAL-MART??? But that's not the point, today . . .

When she called and asked about them, I told her I had forgotten them. "I bought them but I guess I left them at home. I'll mail them to you when I get back."

Of course, the cards were in my wallet in my bag at my parents' house. It's just fun to mess with my Mamo.

She showed up at my parents' house the next day. I gave her the cards as soon as she walked in the door.

"You turkey! You said you forgot them! I brought my purse in so I could give you money for a stamp!"

Yes, that's right, folks. My Mamo was going to give me money for a stamp.

That's the way she is with money. It's been this way since I can remember.

"Will you pick me up a bottled water while you're at the machine? Here's a dollar . . ."

"Will you get me a grape at the store? Here's a penny . . ."

Which is cool. There's nothing worse annoying than the person who always wants you to pick stuff up and never pays.

But sometimes you just want to treat, you know?

So when my family would bring pizza over, and Mamo is trying to give my parents money, it was my job to hide the money.

I'd hide it all over the house. I would leave little notes to let her know why that money was there. She'd call me up weeks later to yell at me.

It's like a game that never ends!

Tonight, I showed up for babysitting duty and was bombarded with treats.

"I made you salsa and there's homemade strawberry shortcake. I also bought you this ice cream. I can't remember if you like it it or not but I hope you do."

I guess Jacque had been busy all day!

Then Chris took a look at my engine to see if he could figure out why all my guages are going crazy. Luckily, for me at least, we think he figured it out and even fixed it for me.

They finally got to actually go out and have a good time. I managed to keep the kid alive and they tried to pay me for it when they got back.

"Please take it! We really appreciate it!"

"No no no! Chris had to fix my car and all . . ."

"He likes to do that! Just take the money!"

"Fine fine . . ."

And then I hid the money in the seat cushions.

Looks like I have a new opponent! Game on!

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