It's Just a Stone's Throw

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Let me tell you a tale of a stubborn little turd named Evan.

Evan would get up on his hands and knees. You would see him start to move a knee. Then he would notice you seeing and he would cry. He would cry like being on his knees was killing him.

On Monday, I called Jacque and she says to me "Well, Evan's officially a crawler, now."

Jacque and Chris had left Evan at her parents' home on Sunday. When they returned, her parents were gushing about how he had been crawling all over the floor.

But would he do it for Chris and Jacque? Of course not!

On Monday, Jacque went to the store. Chris went out to the front porch and peeked in on Evan in the living room through the window. Can you guess what Evan was doing?

The kid was crawling all over the place but as soon as Chris came back inside, Evan held up his arms and cried.

Apparently, Evan finally got tired of waiting for people to transport himself from one place to another. Now he crawls all over. And in a very unique way. I can't decide if it's lazy or ingenious!

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