Some Friends? What Friends?

Ol' Gimpy
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On Monday, a customer told Laura that I am hateful.

I kept thinking about it all night. I decided it's not that I'm so much hateful, but guarded. Guarded may be the right word.

And of course I'm going to be guarded around this guy. He is a total perv.

His problem with me stems from the fact that I charge him for services I'm supposed to charge him for--these are banking services you dirty minded fools!

Ali and this customer get along well, since they speak the same language--literally. In their language, Ali said to the customer "So I heard you said something about one of the girls."

"Oh you heard about that? You tell her it's true!"

And now, eighty hours later, I'm still bothered by that word.

Or maybe what's eating at me more is the fact that neither Ali nor Laura backed me up. No "You're wrong about that." Not even a "I think she's a good chick."

It seems I may need to think about how I view myself.

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