Been a Long Time Gone

Crazy Dogs
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I have been very busy the last ten days.

Jacque went on vacation and left me a key to her house. And instructions on how and when to water the garden and plants. Oh and don't forget that the dogs won't eat unless you're sitting there watching them.

So I've been busy with a lot of watering. Not to mention breaking out in hives when I harvest the garden.

That's right. Apparently, I'm allergic to the outdoors, now.

The dogs have been no picnic, either! They are so used to having someone around all day, that when I showed up after work, they nearly knocked me over.

One night, Milo was so excited, there was no calming him. And I ended up with this nasty looking thing.

Today, my duties are officially over. And to make up for my absence, I promise one entry per calendar day this week. So hold your horses. I'm sure it will be the most exciting and quality reading you have ever experienced!

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