Brothers, Better Have Yo' Stuff Together

Fast Friends

I'm making my brother take me to see Tool in Kansas City for my birthday. It turns out a ton of people I know are also going.

Raw and Casey had been considering getting tickets and had decided they definitely would if I was going.

Casey and I were talking about it on the phone one day and he asked if I was sure I would be at the concert.

"I don't know, yet."

"Well find out!"

"I'll call my brother."

"Yeah! Call him, now! Let's three-way your brother!"

Ah, the three-way calling feature. It's so handy in situations like these. I don't use it often, but when I do, I think back to the good old days . . .

When I lived in McCollum Hall, each dorm had a phone line loaded with call waiting and three-way calling. This was back in the day when nobody had mobile phones and didn't want to pay for extras, so not a lot of people had these features.

So, like I always do with any new toy, I tended to overuse the three-way calling.

One afternoon, I was talking to both Jackson and Raw to do some weekend planning.

"I wonder if you guys can each three-way someone, too . . ."

Raw offered to try first and called up our friend, John. It worked and we all talked over each other, trying to explain what we had done.

Jackson then brought his friend Nick into the conversation. Then John brought in our other friend Nick.

It went on and on like this for quite awhile. Somehow, we managed to not all talk over each other and ended up with a TON of people all conferenced together.

I know it sounds complicated and silly and a big waste of time. But it was beautiful!

Be prepared all you parents who are sending your kids to the dorms; these are the kinds of projects your money will be funding.

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