Like I Was the Predator


This morning, Nadia and I both wanted breakfast. We couldn't get anyone to go for us, so we just suffered.

When Laura went to lunch, she asked me if I wanted anything from McDonald's. Since it was after breakfast time, I didn't think I wanted anything else.

But after she left, I kept thinking about Chicken McNuggets.

I probably haven't had one in at least five years. But for some reason, I couldn't stop thinking about how much I used to love those things dipped in honey.

So when it was time for my lunch, I pulled into McDonald's drive-thru.

I remember reading quite some time ago that McDonalds was getting rid of "Super Size" meals after the success of Morgan Spurlock's movie Super Size Me.

After I ordered my McNuggets, the energetic voice coming from the sign asked "Do you want to large size that meal?"

Ah, semantics!

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