With Arms Outstretched

Drunk on H2O

Last month, I got this text message from an unknown phone number:

"I got a job and a cell phone!"

I had absolutely no idea who the text message was from. I asked everyone from work if maybe they recognized the number. A California number?

So I finally just messaged back "Yay. Congratulations."

I went about my business and then it hit me . . . That must be Michael!!!

Michael is the second to last person I know to buy a mobile phone. I was excited because this meant I'd be able to talk to him for free, since we have the same carrier. Plus, I'd be able to reach him all the time! Right?

Tonight, I found out it's not so easy when he doesn't turn on his ringer!

1 comment:

Michael said...

Could you find a worse picture of me? And who's the last person w/o a cell?