You're Beautiful Surprise

Sophia and Raw

A couple weeks ago, I was hanging out with Nighat. We went to Thai Bin and bought a ridiculous amount of Asian foods.

We headed back to her new apartment where she made me her awesome tea and we feasted on the best edamame and lychee.

I got a phone call from Raw. "Hey, Sophia and I are in Wichita and waiting for Casey to get here. Want to hang out?"

Without first asking Nighat, I immediately invited Raw over to her apartment. Luckily Nighat didn't mind.

She's getting so big! Sophia, that is. She's still pretty bald, but no longer Mr. Magoo style.

Apparently, she's also a fitness buff. In true Pilates form, Sophia lies on her back with her arms to the side, then raises her head and holds it. It's so funny to see the muscles work in her belly.

Kid's gonna have a six pack before she's a year old!

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