Guess I Assumed too Much


I keep seeing commercials for the ABC mini-series, "The Path to 9/11." It makes me angry every time I see a commercial.

I usually see the version where they have Osama Bin Laden in sight and are ready to send a missle his way. This is in reference to a specific time the Clinton administration "failed" to get rid of Bin Laden.

Now, let's sit here and think about what would have happened if we had "bombed the hell outta him" as some people say we should have: The world would be pissed off at our country and think we are a bunch of dicks. Gas prices would soar. The economy would suffer.

Oh wait . . . Kinda like when we bombed the hell outta Afghanistan!

Even if we had done something about Bin Laden at that moment, or any other moment, I don't think we would have prevented anything. There's always another terrorist waiting to pick up where the other left off.

Which doesn't mean we shouldn't try to defeat terrorism somehow. I just don't think we could have prevented 9/11 unless we knew of specific threats.

Oh wait . . .

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