My Heart Will Break Before I Cry!

Clay Center

Back in the year 2000, I started thinking about POE and shouldn't she be coming out with a new album?

SO I looked her up and coincidentally, a new album was coming out within weeks. My ESPN really freaks me out, sometimes.

I found out the album was tied to a book, written by her brother, Mark Z Danielewski. I picked up the book, House of Leaves and became engrossed.

I've never read a book like this before. It's like reading one of those special textbooks where someone has already written the notes in the margins. Because there really are notes in the margins of this book! But the book is way more interesting than a textbook. And it's just so amazing and weird.

I half had myself believing some of the events in the book were real. It was that spooky yet believable. It was a really difficult book to get through, but it's probably one of my favorites.

So it was quite another coincidence tonight when I thought "When is he ever coming out with another book?"

I took a peek over at Amazon and guess what I found. That's right! A new Danielewski book: Only Revolutions.

And is it mere coincidence that the book is released on my birthday?

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