Sitting at the Bar in our Favorite Cafe

Oscar, Casey and Murphy

By the time I got to Raw and Casey's home tonight, they had already eaten. So around 9:30PM, my poor tummy started rumbling.

For some reason, I was craving Burrito King. Much to the horror of Raw and Casey. "You'll have diarrhea tomorrow!"

My first year in Lawrence, I ate a lot of Burrito King. It really wasn't anything special except for the hot sauce. Really, I think that was my favorite part. I always got rice burritos and extra sauce because it reminded me of Raw's family's chile.

Raw, on the other hand, found Burrito King to be disgusting. And even the burning heat of the sauce couldn't make up for the crappy burritos in her mind.

But, tonight, she was going to go along with me. She and I were going to quickly go through the drive-thru and pick up a burrito and some nachos.

As we approached, she told me about walking by once and seeing a roach scurry around outside Burrito King. That ruined it for me. No Burrito King for me.

So we decided to go to Qdoba instead. Qdoba just happens to be right on Mass Street, the heart of Downtown Larence. It sits right across from my favorite bar, The Replay.

So of course, I said "Let's have a drink!"

And then we laughed maniacally, thinking about poor Casey left at home.

We figured we'd save time by not crossing the street and instead hitting the bar next door to Qdoba, The Jackpot.

We took pictures of each other drinking, so Casey could see them after the weekend in my Flickr sets. "You're not allowed to say anything!" I told Raw, knowing how horrible they are at keeping secrets from each other. "You aren't even allowed to laugh!"

One drink turned into two and then guess who called.

"Where are you guys?"

"Um, Raw was talking about roaches and I just couldn't eat Burrito King. So we've been driving around, trying to decide what to eat. We're at Qdoba, now. What do you want?"

He then proceeded to ask all kinds of questions about what was on the menu, while Raw giggled hysterically. "It's really busy so we're not up to where I can see the menu, yet."

We told Casey we would get him queso and chips and would see him soon. I was proud of what a great actress I was, but knew we had to hurry. We chugged the rest of our drinks.

Laughing at how clever we are, we walked next door to Qdoba and were surprised to find the doors locked. "I thought they were open until three!"


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