Let Your Fever Come

Dad and Mom

One by one, over the Thanksgiving weekend, Evan, Chris and Jacque all got really horribly sick. In that order.

Evan was first, all misrable during the Thanksgiving festivities. Then Chris started.

Now, this wasn't just your average achy and sneezy stuff. This was the all-out both-ends variety of sick.

When Jacque started feeling queasy, Chris, still miserable, tells Jacque "You'd better get the chicken noodle soup made before you start feeling too bad!"

Last Wednesday, I got a call from my father. "When are you coming here?"

I was planning to visit over the weekend but wasn't leaving until Friday. "Well, maybe Friday. But I was thinking--"

"You mean you aren't coming tonight?"

"Um. No . . ." I was confused. "I have to work . . ."

"But we need you to come up here and take care of us!"

It turns out my parents had been hit by the same flu virus.

We were talking about it this weekend, as I was continually disinfecting things and rubbing hand sanitizer on my hands. "I bet Dad was really happy you gave him such a lovely virus."

"He was pretty grumpy. He would have killed me if he felt like moving."

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