Cos I Turn to a Flower

The Tree

I'm pretty easily amused. But this week, the silliest things made me laugh way more than they should have.

It all started on Monday.

I was downstairs at BJ and Doll's, playing some tennis on the Wii. Bret was staring at the other television, playing another console.

At one point, when I wasn't yelling at the "other team" I heard groaning coming from Bret's game.

"Diarrhea." Bret declared.

"What? Did you just say diarrhea?"

"Yeah. He's got diarrhea."

"What game are you playing?"

As most people in my family do, Bret mumbled a reply. I could've sworn I heard him right.

"Did you just say you were playing 'Name That Solid'?"

Bret looked at me like I was insane.

"I thought that's what you said. I was thinking 'But diarrhea isn't a solid!'"

We went out to dinner that night, and on the way back, Mitch, Bret and I were crammed into the back. I have no idea what they were talking about, but Mitch said "I smell purple."

"What? Did you just say you smell purple?"

This time, I heard right folks!

No, I have no idea where it came from. But Mitch had heard it somewhere and had repeated it to Bret for a laugh. And I laughed. More than was necessary.

Then I leaned in close to Mitch and tried to whisper.

I say I tried to whisper, because it was hard to get out the sentence when I was laughing at myself so much.

"You smell . . .You . . . You . . . You smell . . . You smell brrrrownnnn."

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