Just Like a Fresh Pair of Royals

Marcus at Work

Tonight, I called Marcus, forgetting he was at the Royals game.

"Watch for me on TV!" He demanded.

So I turned to the game and didn't see Marcus. But I did see a lot of people not paying attention to the game. They had more interest in their mobile phones.

I do think I heard Marcus, though.

They lobbed a ball up into the crowd. One guy lunged for it and missed the easy catch.

The crowd went crazy. Crazy mean. Everyone started booing. And I'm pretty sure I heard over everyone, Marcus's angry shouts.

And of course I did what I always do when I watch the Royals. I jinxed them.

When I turned to the game, they were winning the game. And soon thereafter, they lost the lead.

Of course, I can't take too much blame. I haven't watched all fourteen of their losses.

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