It Just Had to Be


I've had quite a bout of bad luck with cars. Someday I'll make a list.

But right now, I'm more worried about finding a new vehicle to blow up. Doll went with me today to try out a couple of cars we saw over the weekend.

"Can I help you?" Mr. Dealer asked.

"Hi. We've been looking at that silver car over there."

Mr. Dealer went on to tell us about the power train something or other and how long they last with proper care, where the car came from and other details to which I probably should have paid attention.

"We haven't had to do any body work on the car. There was no hail damage."

I laughed at this. With my luck, it wouldn't be long before the car would have some damage.

"We did have to fix one of the power windows . . ."

I laughed again.

Doll tried to explain my laughter. "She wasn't able to go through drive-thrus for years because her window was broken."

Mr. Dealer was starting to realize I'm a bit of a car destroyer. Which is probably why he sounded a little nervous when I asked if I could drive it.

"Uh . . . sure! Yeah! Wait . . . how old are you?"

"Twenty-eight," I lied as I smiled at Doll. I love getting asked for my ID!

"All right! Twenty-one is the magic number for the insurance company! We'll get the car ready for you!"

Doll and I jumped in and headed off to drive in circles. I concentrated on not crashing while she played with everything. She turned on the air conditioner and even tested the heater. She played with the power locks and pumped up the stereo volume. Then she rolled down her window.

"Good idea!" I said as I tried the driver side window. It rolled down and back up easily. Then I tried the back windows.

The passenger back window wouldn't go down at all.

It doesn't look like my streak of bad luck is going to be ending anytime soon!


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