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I got invited!

Remember how I was longing for an invite to Joost? I finally got one! I'm so special!

Well, not really. I read that Joost opened up the invite process so that the beta testers now have unlimited invites they can send out. So I did some fishing.

I'd like to thank John Doe for my invite!

I was pretty excited. I clicked the download link right away. It downloaded and installed quickly. I clicked on the Joost icon. The console came up and

told me I was disconnected from the network.

I rebooted and reset my cable connection. Still, no Joost.

I looked online at Joost support and made sure to open all the required ports. And still nothing.

I'm hoping it's because they got overloaded with all the new invitees logging in.

But with my luck . . . it's probably all me.

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