But Don't Think I'm a Wussie

Sadie and Raw

I've never been big on babies.

Even when I was young, I always said I'd never have my own kids.

I did some babysitting and taught swimming lessons. And I liked some of the kids well enough. But with most of them, I didn't really know what to do or how to be.

And then there's the slimey, sticky, boogery aspect of kids. Gross! And the diapers. And the slobber.

I know you can't really tell by looking around this place, but I'm really not a baby person.

Which is why I'm surprised I like these babies so much. Could it be I'm not really as cold and heartless as I thought?

I will eat cookies Evan shares with me out of his sticky hands and laugh as he covers my clean jeans in sand.

This weekend, as I read to Sophia, I was overcome by a terrible stench. I almost couldn't believe a smell that powerful could come from a butt that tiny! And because of this change in me, I actually changed her diaper! You know, instead of waiting for Raw to come home.

I don't even get too grossed out when I lift The Boy over my face and the reservoir of saliva he's been holding back dumps out all over my face.

So with me not being a baby person, yet still somehow liking these poomongers, I thought surely I wasn't going to be able to like another baby. There was no more room for baby pictures here. No more room in my budget!

And then Sadie showed up.

Like my other poomongers, she makes me laugh. Especially when she's shooting poo across the room at Raw.

She's so much like Sophia when she was born. In fact, she was only one ounce lighter and half an inch shorter. It must've been the few extra days Sophia hung out in Raw's belly.

Sadie is different, though. Her hair is darker and her skin is redder. Casey says her ears are smaller.

She also has a more bloodcurdling scream. When she gets really mad, she sounds like a cat when someone is pulling on their tail.

She screams more, too. Because she was jaundiced, Sophia was hard to wake to eat. Sadie likes to be up all night.

Sophia is enthralled with her little sister. She always makes sure newcomers see Sadie. She points and says "Baby!" over and over until they acknowlege that "Yes. The baby."

She kisses her very gently and doesn't seem to be jealous. Yet. Sophia has only hit Sadie once. It was kind of a soft pat. I think it was just out of excitement. Or so she'd like us to think . . .

We didn't do a whole lot this weekend. We did a lot of playing with Sophia and trying to keep Sadie asleep at night.

Saturday night, Casey asked me if I wanted to do anything. But I felt like I was doing something. I felt kinda helpful and was enjyoing myself.

I guess maybe there is room.

But, dang people! Could you please slow it down!

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