Light the Fuse and Start Eruptin'


I broke another car this weekend.

I was on my way back from Clay Center in The Silver Buick. I stopped in Abilene to get gas.

Turning back onto K-15, I started hearing a strange clunking noise. I thought maybe something was loose in the backseat.

I pulled over and shifted some stuff around, but everything seemed relatively secure. I hopped back into the car and continued.

The car was silent for quite some time. I hit a pretty big bump in the road and then "BANG!"

I checked all over the trunk and even jumped up and down on the car to see if the shocks or struts would pop.

I couldn't see anything wrong in the dark and couldn't replicate the sound. I thought the speaker was loose and banging around. Or maybe it was the giant baby seat box in the trunk.

The car was handling fine. There was no excessive bouncing after hitting bumps.

I made it back to Wichita and stopped by BJ's. He pulled out the flashlight and we could see a shaft we shouldn't have been able to see.

We headed over to Midas yesterday morning. They took a look and were rather horrified.

The shock was trying to shove its way into the body. Awesome.

I think I'm going to start my own demolition company.

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