Someone Who Will Be There 'Til the End

Get Out

On Wednesday, I invited Raw to bring the girls to Wichita to hang out with Jacque and me. Because I'm rude like that.

Jacque didn't mind. She was excited to see the baby. Because you know how people are about babies!

Sophia and Evan didn't exatly hate each other. They just have different ideas on how to play.

Evan is the host with the most and wants to play with other kids. Sophia would rather have nothing to do with anyone when she's in her groove.

So there were a lot of scenes like the one pictured above.

After awhile, Evan got grumpy and decided he really didn't want Sophia to play with his toys at all if she couldn't share. Everytime she'd pick something up, he'd make a grab for it.

While I kept telling them it was okay to share, Sophia would get mad and push Evan away. Sometimes it would be more of a slap and now and then she'd pinch.

Therefore, Sophia spent some time in "Time Out."

Once, after being released from her corner, Raw continued to express her disbelief at how naughty she thought Sophia was being. "It's a good thing you have a sister, because if you act like this, you won't have any friends!"

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