If I Move, This Could Die


I'm driving down K-15 on my way back home. It's surprisingly busy for this time of the evening. There's a truck behind me and beside me; a van in front of me and a car beside him.

And then there's a motorcycle cutting me off. Wait. Where the hell did he come from?

Oh! I forgot. Cycles can just drive through heavy traffic down the center line.

This makes me really mad. There's all these signs in yards telling us that we need to treat you with the same respect as any car or truck. The highway patrol has commercials that say something like "Motorcycle drivers are people, too."

I'm not saying we shouldn't look out for motorcycles. I don't even hate motorcycles. I'm fine with them and understand they have the same rights as any other driver.

I'm cool with that. I'm not cool with breakin' the rules just because you have a smaller vehicle. Especially when it's going to endanger everyone on the road.

And I bet you anything that guy has one of those signs in his yard!

This isn't Torque, buddy! You don't even have a particularly small vehicle now that you've souped up your bike so that it's as wide as a Miata. And you're carrying a passenger!

I had a pretty bad day and was in a pretty dark mood.

I swear to Pete, it took all the moral strength I had to not just "accidentally" take him out!

I totally would have then sued him for mental anguish!

Seriously. I need meds.

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